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We have three categories of rooms, distributed between the Main House and the Hostel. These apartments are suitable for a maximum of 6 people, duplexes (up to 4 people) and majestic rooms for two with a wood stove and terraces to the gardens. The rooms of the Main House are classified in Junior Suites and Superior and those of the Hostel in Superior

Main House
The Main House maintains a stately style with large windows, noble woods and important wood stoves. Surrounded by galleries and a central patio with fountains and benches of Spanish tiles, old trees and a majestic iron gate. Its rooms overlook the living and living room of the old family house, and are generously sized, with large beds, heating and air conditioning, comfortable bathrooms and large windows to the beautiful gardens. Some have wood stoves.
The Hostal that was totally remodeled to become a Hotel de Campo, was the area destined to host the friends and visitors that arrived at the Estancia. It connects to the Main House through a covered gallery. Its rooms are spacious and comfortable, with central heating and air conditioning. Some have wood stoves. They have direct access to the gardens and patios.